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Poppy Class

Welcome to Poppy Class



Teachers: Miss Bartlett 

Ms Linda Brown (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Olivia Mason (Learning Support Assistant)  


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Summer 2 2022


Climb aboard the spaceship,

We’re going to the moon!

Hurry and get ready,

We’re going to blast off soon! 

Put on your helmet,

And buckle up really tight.

Here comes the countdown

Let’s count with all our might 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - BLAST OFF    

In our last topic of this school year ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ , Poppy class will be taking a fun journey to outer space.

We will be exploring the planets, stars and moon, magnets, space travel and maybe meet some friendly aliens along the way!

In mathematics and numeracy this half term we will focus on comparing length, height and weight through using moon rocks, Lego and footprints left on the moon! 

We will also focus on transition activities and support in readiness for September. 





Summer 1 2022


In our topic 'Going Green' this half term we will be using the films Wall-e and The Lorax as a focus to learn about pollution, what it is and looks like, on the land and in the sea. The importance of recycling, sustainability and discovering what plants and trees need to grow and think about what part we play in protecting our planet. 

The Lorax says:

Spring 2 2022


In this half term Poppy class will explore the topic ‘Once Upon a Time’. Along the way we will meet The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the three bears and an Old Woman who swallowed a fly to name a few.


For Numeracy, we will be looking at pairs, groups and matching. 


We will also explore some special days/celebrations this half term including St David’s Day, World Book Day, Comic Relief, Mother’s Day and Easter. 


Spring 1 2022


This half term Poppy class will be learning through the topic of 'Post Office Panic'.
We will be taking on the role of a class post-person each day and deliver a letter to each of our friends with fun activities inside. 
We will enjoy a walking trip to the post box to post some letters and enjoy listening to a variety of stories about Post-people.
We will also enjoy using recycled materials to make post boxes and post vans. 

In maths this half term we will focus on size and weight.

Autumn 2 2021


Poppy class are excited to explore this term's topic; 'Sparkle, Jolly, Twinkle'. 

Some of the celebrations we will also explore are Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance day and Children in Need.  

In class we promote curiosity through the environment which offers calming fabrics, lights and mirrors, sparkly and glittery textured paper to enhance child engagement and empower creativity and imagination. 

We will encourage exploration and investigation through numeracy and math's. This term we focus on money and the Poppies will have fun taking part in shop role play. 

As the winter approaches we will be looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world, different types of clothing that we wear throughout the year and hopefully see some frost to explore.


Autumn 1 2021


We are so excited to start the new school year! 


This half term we will be learning through the topic; 'A Few of my Favorite Things'.

We will sharing what our favourite colours, animals, songs, toys and food are each week.

We will also be working on routines, independence, learning new ways to communicate and making friends.