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Governing Body of Meadowbank School

Governors work closely with the Headteacher to manage the school budget and premises,
appoint staff and help the school to set strategic priorities.
The Governing Body plays an important role in monitoring the school’s progress and helping
to set targets to ensure the school provides an excellent learning environment for all the
children. Governors also play an important role in ensuring the school has robust policies
and practices in place for safeguarding children, and that the school is a safe place to work,
learn and play.
Our Governing Body is made up of:

  •  Parent Governors: parents (nominated and elected by parents of the school)
  •  Staff Governors: members of the school staff including the Headteacher
  •  Local Authority Governors: nominated by the Local Authority
  •  Community Governors: members of the local community (appointed by the rest of

          the Governing Body)
The Governing Body of Meadowbank School brings together individuals with a diverse range
of skills and experiences to support the school in achieving its aims and objectives. The
Governing Body shares a common goal to see the school achieve excellence in continuing
to help support all Children with Additional Learning Needs.
Our team consists of:

Chair of Governors: Mr Mike Borley
Vice Chair of Governors: Mr Gareth Watts
Headteacher: Mrs Claire Hardy
Clerk to Governors: Mrs Bethan Jones

Parent Governors 
Mrs Gemma Crocker
Ms Zolaikha Khan
Mrs Bethany Rees
Mrs Rebecca Wright-Williams
Local Authority Governors
Mr Mike Borley
Prof. Elspeth Webb
Mrs Glenda Dudley
Community Governors
Mrs Anne Taplin
Mr Gareth Watts

Mr Harry Verlander
Teacher Governor
Mrs Kate Power

Staff Governor
Mrs Amanda Dean


Mrs Sarah Sellek (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs Jenna Powell (Assistant Headteacher)
Once a year, the Governing Body will send a formal AGM Report to parents.
If Parents wish to raise any concerns to the Governing Body, Mrs Beth Jones (Clerk to
Governors) can be contacted through the school.