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Clover Class

Welcome to Clover Class



Mr Peter Snell (Class Teacher)

Mrs Susan Beynon (Learning Support Assistant)

Autumn 1 2021


We are having lots of fun in Clover Class!


Our topic is ‘A Few of Our Favourite Things’.

One of our favourite things we have done so far this term was go to Barry Island! This was lots of fun for pupils and staff alike. 


Here are some examples of the activities we will be enjoying this term:


Languages, Literacy and Communication


  • Show and Tell- bringing in your favourite toy/ book into school and talking about it.
  • Writing a review of a short film/ cartoon the class has watched e.g., favourite character/ part of the story.
  • To introduce the Welsh term ‘Hoffi’ i.e., to like something. 


Mathematics and Numeracy


  • Sorting into the categories of like and do not like e.g., hoops, worksheets and I Pads.
  • Answering questions to retrieve information from data sets e.g., from Pictograms.
  • Producing pictograms and block graphs to represent information on the classes’ favourite pets.




  • To use apps on the iPad to identify the feelings of others by looking at pictures of faces.
  • To use the I Pads to take photographs of their favourite places/ people and/or activities in the school.
  • To create a mind map of their likes and dislikes, altering text and adding images,




  • Discuss/ write about, draw/paint/ find on google maps the children’s favourite place in the world. 
  • Talk about somewhere they have never been but would like to go. How would they get there/ what would they do? Use ICT to find out about it.


Expressive Arts


  • To explore different mediums to make marks e.g., pastels, paints, charcoal, and I Pads. Which is their favourite?
  • To explore different percussion instruments. Which ones did they think made the best sounds?


Health and Wellbeing


  • Tasting different fruits to see which are their favourite. 
  • Explore different ways of travelling e.g., running, jumping, skipping etc. Which is their favourite way to travel and why?


Science and Technology


  • Explore the different classifications of animals. Pupils choose their favourite.
  • Pupils choose their favourite animal and create a Mind Map for it e.g., where it lives, what it eats and what are its features e.g., wings.