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Clover Class

Welcome to Clover Class



Mr Peter Snell Class Teacher 

Mrs Diane Lloyd (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Sarah Culbertson (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Pearl Akinlade (Learning Support Assistant)

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Summer 2 2022 


Our topic this term is... 



Language, Literacy and Communication
Stories to include: Back to Earth with a Bump, Aliens Wear Underpants and Space (non-fiction):

Create and describe an alien

Make fact cards about the planets

Make a list of what they would need to go on a journey in a rocket

Label the parts of a rocket

Draw and describe an alien planet

Hot seating- Pretending to be an alien from another planet

Follow instructions to make fruit rockets

Maths and Numeracy
Data handling – who’s happy to go into space? Favourite treats to take to space.

Recognising coins, buying objects to take to space – finding totals

Positional language – placing rockets on space charts

Estimating and weighing moon rocks, measuring depth of moon dust

Days of the week, time to the hour – moon watch

Addition and subtraction of suns and planets

Finding half of space objects 

Counting eyes on aliens in 2’s and 10’s

Create an animation of a rocket taking off.

Programme beebots and roamer to move around ‘space maps’

Internet research on planets.

Creating pictures of space using a graphics package.

Looking at images of Earth on Google Earth

Make a fact file for one of the planets

Countries with space travel. 

Neil Armstrong

First moon landing

Space missions to other planets

Solar system

Draw a space map and plot routes

Look at Earth from space: identify land and sea

Expressive Arts
Printing a rocket picture using finger paint

Constellation art

Chalk pastel ‘space window’

Weaving with hot colours

Create an alien language using musical instruments

Make a short dance that describes a rocket travelling into space

Health and Wellbeing
Swimming lessons at Splott Leisure Centre

Role Play- moving like astronauts in space and on a planet with heavy gravity

An awareness of sun protection

Journeys, transitions and new beginnings in life

Sports Day

Science and Technology
Learning about the Solar System

The changes made to materials by heating and cooling them

To make a rocket/ moon buggy in class out of junk materials

To know what living things need in order to survive

Summer 1 2022


Languages, Literacy and Communication

Stories to include: Ramenas Ramadan; The Messy Magpie and the Cautious Caterpillar. 


Pupils write instructions on how to plant seeds.

Pupils write about how Eid-ul- Fitr is celebrated.

Pupils write a persuasive text on why to recycle plastic bottles

Pupils write about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Pupils create a healthy eating poster.

Languages, Literacy and Communication 

Exploring block graphs and bar charts using chalk to make on the ground and record with criteria from the Edible garden.

Investigating length, weight and capacity e.g. measure the height of plants and weigh the gardening equipment.

Working with fractions, decimals and percentages e.g. use sticks to draw 2D shapes and divide them into halves and quarters.

Use leaves/ seeds to explore number bonds.


To produce a digital collage of the things needed for a plant to grow. 

To collect, record and present data on the colour of plants observed in the Edible garden.

To produce a stop/ start animation of the growth of a flowering plant.

To produce a digital mind map to demonstrate what a flowering plant needs to grow.

To plant and care for a digital garden using MineCraft. 


Explore and learn about the festival of Eid-ul-fitr.

To investigate which plants are suited to different environments around the globe.

To explore how plastics damage the environments of the oceans. 

To plant, grow, tend and harvest plants.

To explore the link between a healthy diet and feeling well physically and emotionally. 

To take part in swimming lessons at the local pool. 

To think about milestones and transitional events in their lives.

To capture images of plant life through the mediums of digital photography, pastels and paint.

To plan and perform a dance based on the life cycle of a flowering plant. 

To learn and perform songs with a plant/nature theme.

Health and Wellbeing 

To plant, grow, tend and harvest plants.

To explore the link between a healthy diet and feeling well physically and emotionally. 

To take part in swimming lessons at the local pool. 

To think about milestones and transitional events in their lives.

Science and Technology

To name and compare the parts of plants.

To sequence the life cycle of a flowering plant.

To think about what a plant needs to survive.

To plan and make a mini greenhouse to house cress seeds.

Spring 2 2022


Languages, Literacy and Communication
Role play and hot seating
Story sequencing
Exploring story settings
Exploring rhyming words
Compare and contrast the books to the films
Design own terrible woodland creature
Book review
Gruffalo Colour Coding
Explore exclamation marks

Mathematics and Numeracy 
Explore the passing of the seasons in relation specifically to Spring.
Use of positional language to help move the mouse through the wood to avoid the animals
Exploring the concepts of Volume, area, angle and position
Recognising coins and notes and using them to pay and receive change in role play
Developing understanding of of 3D shapes and their properties
Exploring the concept of division

 J2Launch to create a story setting and add characters
Film and create Stop/ Start motion video about the importance of play
Use Bee Bot to move the mouse around the woods 
 Use CC Express to take photographs of the different types of animal habitats 

Explore the festivals of St David’s day and Easter: why and how are they celebrated
Go on the Gruffalo Trail at the Mountain View Ranch. Follow the trail using a map.
Explore the difference between the woodland and the city.

Expressive Arts
Create and use shadow puppets to perform a Squash and a Squeeze
Make and paint clay models of the children’s made up Woodland creatures
Create Gruffalo cave paintings in the outdoor classroom environment
Create a map of the Gruffalo story

Health and Wellbeing 
Explore the benefits of play e.g. relaxation, communication and friendship. Create poem/ video presentation with Foxglove class

Science and Technology
Explore light and shadows on the playground.
Discover that different animals live in different habitat
Examine different animal footprints
Follow instructions to make Gruffalo biscuits

Spring 1 2022



Our topic this term is "Post Office Panic"


Languages, Literacy and Communication
Stories to include:

The Jolly Postman, Postman Pat, Larry’s First Day as a Postman and the Busy Little Postman

Activities to include:

Letter and postcard writing activities

Prepositional/ direction/ weight and length related vocabulary


Character descriptions

Role play in the Post Office

Exploring and making flyers (adverts)

Maths and Numeracy
Sorting out letters and parcels into different 2D/3D shapes and sizes

Weighing using standard and non standard measures

Days of the week

Recognition of coins. Adding and subtracting coins

Measuring the length, width or height of of letters/parcels using non standard and standard measurements

Use of positional language to move beebot postman around streets to post letters

Exploring, writing, sending and opening emails on their Hwb accounts

Take part in a group and individual TEAMS call with Mrs Hardy in the classroom

Use a Bee Bot to program to deliver letters around a street floor mat

Classify letters in a pictogram/ block graphs using suitable software

Create a video/ picture sequence of the acting out of the Jolly Postman story

Use a wordbank to aid the writing of letters on the laptop

Explore the role of the post person and other people who help us

Learn about maps, the four compass points and directional language

Find home address on Google Maps

Find out how a letter gets to its destination

Expressive Arts
Welsh National Opera weekly visits

Explore stamps from around the world and create their own

Use photographs of own face to create silhouette profile as/ similar to stamp profile

Design and print wrapping paper

Health and Wellbeing
Explore road safety and the rules

Goldilocks writes a letter of apology. Investigate what an apology is

Discuss different birthday traditions in the children’s families


Science and Technology
To investigate how a bicycle works and its major parts

Exploring the forces of pushing and pulling

Investigate the different materials that a bicycle is made of and why?

How does a bicycle lamp work. Make an electrical circuit and switch.


Autumn 2


This term our topic is Sparkle Jolly Twinkle.

Our focus this term will be:-

  • Humanities- Festivals i.e. Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.
  • Science and Technology- Light and Sound.
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication- Festival stories and poetry, recipes and instructions, making and writing celebration cards. 
  • Maths and Numeracy- 2D shapes, repeating patterns, the temperature and number bonds.
  • Expressive Arts- Festival songs and music, Rangoli patterns, firework sound Pictures, Christmas decorations and cards.
  • Health and Wellbeing- Moods and emotions

Autumn 1 2021


We are having lots of fun in Clover Class!


Our topic is ‘A Few of Our Favourite Things’.

One of our favourite things we have done so far this term was go to Barry Island! This was lots of fun for pupils and staff alike. 


Here are some examples of the activities we will be enjoying this term:


Languages, Literacy and Communication


  • Show and Tell- bringing in your favourite toy/ book into school and talking about it.
  • Writing a review of a short film/ cartoon the class has watched e.g., favourite character/ part of the story.
  • To introduce the Welsh term ‘Hoffi’ i.e., to like something. 


Mathematics and Numeracy


  • Sorting into the categories of like and do not like e.g., hoops, worksheets and I Pads.
  • Answering questions to retrieve information from data sets e.g., from Pictograms.
  • Producing pictograms and block graphs to represent information on the classes’ favourite pets.




  • To use apps on the iPad to identify the feelings of others by looking at pictures of faces.
  • To use the I Pads to take photographs of their favourite places/ people and/or activities in the school.
  • To create a mind map of their likes and dislikes, altering text and adding images,




  • Discuss/ write about, draw/paint/ find on google maps the children’s favourite place in the world. 
  • Talk about somewhere they have never been but would like to go. How would they get there/ what would they do? Use ICT to find out about it.


Expressive Arts


  • To explore different mediums to make marks e.g., pastels, paints, charcoal, and I Pads. Which is their favourite?
  • To explore different percussion instruments. Which ones did they think made the best sounds?


Health and Wellbeing


  • Tasting different fruits to see which are their favourite. 
  • Explore different ways of travelling e.g., running, jumping, skipping etc. Which is their favourite way to travel and why?


Science and Technology


  • Explore the different classifications of animals. Pupils choose their favourite.
  • Pupils choose their favourite animal and create a Mind Map for it e.g., where it lives, what it eats and what are its features e.g., wings.