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Integration and Transition

 ‘INTEGRATION’ and ‘TRANSITION’ describes the movement that takes place from Meadowbank School to a new school or educational setting.  This may be in the primary or the secondary sector.  There are many occasions where pupils make significant progress to the point where it is decided that they are ready to begin integration. This would be decided at an Annual Review. Once this decision has been made a carefully planned integration programme is devised.


A key focus area in catering for the needs of the children at Meadowbank School is the establishment of a systematic, dependable, timely and co-ordinated process to guide integration to another school or setting.


Through collaboration, parents/carers, together with a range of personnel from Meadowbank School, Cardiff Case-work Team and the Receiving School, need to plan for the child’s smooth integration and possible transition to a new school/setting.  This will maximise the opportunities for continuity of programmes and learning across different settings.