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Bluebell Class

Spring Term 2: Spring into Life


On our return to school, after our second lockdown, we noticed the daffodils beginning to sprout, the trees started to bud and there was frogspawn in the pond! We collected a clear container of it and watched it grow throughout the term. 

After talking about different animals that grow in the spring we were able to 

collect some tadpoles in which we kept and fed so that we could see the full cycle of a frog. We have spent some time talking about different fruits and vegetables that we were able to plant. We tried some and chose the ones that we liked and wanted to grow ourselves. On a sunny afternoon, we planted the seeds in our school garden. We also were able to take some of our own seeds home so that we could see them grow.


 We had a lovely Easter and World Book Day parade where the other classes joined in and we shared our bonnets and costumes in the quad together.

New to us this term, we have been starting Write Dance sessions with Mrs U on Tuesday afternoons. We have been enjoying our Write Dance sessions and they have been helping us to develop our fine and gross-motor skills using movement to help make different shapes. This will eventually help us with our handwriting skills. We enjoy the chance to be a bit silly and to listen and move in fun ways to the music.


Spring Term 1: Castles, Knights and Dragons

This was a term of learning at home due to Covid-19. Bluebell class had a mixture of home learning and blended learning opportunities for some. We loved catching up on SeeSaw and seeing all the amazing works and activities that were going on while we were away from school.


We have been talking about knights, dragons and princesses. We were able to get some dragons’ eggs and got to watch them hatch. We had a lot of fun building a castle and making swords and shields to go into battle!

We used the ipads to go on Minecraft and designed and built our own castles. We have learnt about different special days and holidays in other cultures including Chinese New Year, where we were able to try some of the different food that they eat. We have been learning and experimenting with measurement using different materials such as sand, water and pasta to measure different amounts. We have learned about ‘full’, ‘half full’, ‘nearly full’ and ‘empty’.


Autumn Term 2: Let’s Celebrate

We have really enjoyed looking at different places and people around the world and how everyone celebrates holidays and festivals in their own way.

We have been able to try food from different cultures. During our history sessions, we heard the story of Guy Fawkes and the reason we call it Bonfire Night. We have been looking at numbers, shapes and different ways that we can count and ways in which we can spot different shapes around our school and classroom.

While working in our smaller groups, we have been able to practice our writing and reading skills, as well as using the ipads to develop our learning.


Autumn Term 1: All About Me

During the first term we were looking at lots of different emotions. We looked at our faces and our bodies to see how they changed when we felt different things. We spent time looking on Google maps to find out where we lived as well as what different buildings look like in our local area.

We made a lovely rainbow, out of different healthy food that we tried, experimenting with different art materials and techniques. We learned about what foods keep our bodies healthy and we spent time practising yoga to relax and stretch our muscles.

We have been working in smaller groups for our Maths and English and are trying our hardest to work as independently as possible. We have noticed changes in the weather as the days get shorter and darker and the leaves on the trees turn brown!




Teacher: Miss Phoebe Reed


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ali Underwood, Mrs Diane Lloyd, Mrs Sue Beynon


We would like to make a very warm welcome to our new children and families to Meadowbank School. We are very lucky in Bluebell class to have a lovely big and exciting classroom with an outdoor area for us to investigate. Every day we will be exploring all areas of learning and experience through focussed activities, group circle times and exploring all areas in our classroom including our role play, reading corner, sensory area and craft area. We will be focussing on learning to follow classroom rules, developing our independence and communication skills which in turn will help us develop our confidence to share our own ideas and make new friends.


In the Autumn term we are looking at the topic 'All About Me' and having lots of fun looking at ourselves, the parts of our bodies and our faces.  We will explore lots of activities using our senses and look at how we move our bodies in the classroom, outdoors and in PE. 


We will look at how the weather and plants have changed with the seasons as Summer changed to Autumn and then to Winter.  We will look at Autumn leaves and Halloween pumpkins and learn about Bonfire Night.


Nearer Christmas we will be busy making crafts including party hats, decorations, baking delicious treats and getting very messy with glitter!