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The School-Eco Council: 'Meadowbank Super Heroes'

The 'Meadowbank Super Heroes' are the School and Eco Councils all rolled into one. They meet on a half termly basis and discuss a range of issues from how we can improve our local school environment to talking about fund raising events.


The 'Meadowbank Super Heroes' had their first meeting of the year on Wednesday 12 October.  The meeting took place in the school's meeting room and they discussed the role of the School-Eco Council.  

The first job for the School-Eco Council was to carry out a litter pick around the school grounds.  Before they started on this important job the children talked about how to do a litter pick safely.  They then went outside and worked together in pairs to find and pick up the litter.  The children collected 3 bags of litter.  At the end of the litter pick the members of the School-Eco Council went back to their class to tell the other children about what they had been doing and to show them how much litter they had collected.

School-Eco Council Meeting

Thursday 9 February 2017

'Friends' Friday' comes to Meadowbank School


The School-Eco Council talked about lunchtimes at this meeting.  They said what meals they liked and what they didn't like.  They also talked about how we could make lunchtimes better.  The children said that they wanted to be able to change places and sit with their friends.


It was decided that on every Friday the children will be able to sit wherever they want to.  They will be able to choose from three tables and they will all get their own cutlery, drinks and mats.  The children said that this will make them more independent.


Please read the minutes of our meeting and look at the photographs taken at the meeting.



School-Eco Council Meeting

Tuesday 13 June 2017


The School-Eco Council met on 13 June to talk about what they like about Meadowbank School and what could be done to make the school better.


Please read the minutes to see what we said about our school.