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Paget Gorman Signed Speech

At Meadowbank, Paget Gorman Signed Speech (PGSS) plays an integral part in our   childrens' learning. 


What is Paget Gorman Signed Speech?  

Paget Gorman Signed Speech (PGSS) aims to provide an accurate representation of the English language. Signs are always accompanied by speech, using normal patterns of English and children are encouraged to speak as they sign. The system is an important educational tool for language impaired children because:


  • It is an unaided augmentative sign system that supports language and communication.
  • It supports literacy skills, particularly reading, for children who may not be able to vocalise accurately what they read or write;
  • It aids conceptual learning, as signs are grouped in categories which link to each other, this in turn supports word retrieval;
  • It supports the understanding and use of grammar, as the system makes the grammatical rules visual and logical;
  • It can follow the patterns of English speech whether simple or complex;
  • It can be simplified into prompts to be used to 'cue' children with their language or behaviour;
  • It has an extensive lexicon.

P.G.S.S. is not a sign language it is signed speech.


 Classes for parents, relatives and carers to learn and practice this key skill are organised on a weekly basis (see pictures below).

For further information contact; Jude Rimell (Fellow of the P.G.S.S. society)

at school.