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School Prospectus September 2015

Pupil Deprivation Grant - Costed Plan 2014 - 2015



08:45 – Start of the school day/breakfast

09:10 – Assembly (Thursday)/pupils into classes

10:45 – Breaktime

11:00 – Pupils back into classes

12:30 – Lunch/breaktime

13:30 – Numeracy groups

14:00 – Back into classes

15:10 – Assembly (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

15:30 – End of school day



The school uniform consists of the following items:


▫ navy or grey trousers/jogging bottoms/navy or grey skirts

▫ yellow polo shirts

▫ blue sweatshirts, cardigans and fleeces

▫ blue or yellow checked dresses

▫ sun hat and school bag

▫ any colour shoes

▫ PE kit: any colour shorts, T-shirt, pumps (without laces) all in a named bag


An order form with prices is available from the school office and samples of uniform can be seen on request (see pictures below). Tops, without the school logo, can be purchased from large supermarkets. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE MARKED WITH THE CHILD'S NAME.

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Picture 2
Picture 3